discussion / Camera Traps  / 20 July 2018

Solutions for safely transporting camera traps?


Does anyone have any go-to solutions for transporting camera traps securely and safely, especially on commercial flights? 

Something like these Rubbermaid boxes perhaps (although only available in the US, not in Europe AFAIK). 

Solutions appreciated,


Hi Ollie, 

I’ve transported a lot of acoustic monitoring stations on commercial flights (Raspberry Pi based though so they could be disassembled). I used Pelican boxes for the most sensitive things, some things we shipped in well packed cardboard boxes. The benefit of the pelican cases is that they’re water proof and hinditoty regulating so ideal for storage longer term on site (if there’s issues with humidity) between field seasons. They can be locked as well (you just don’t do it for the flight as the custom officials might break the lock/box if they need to inspect the content).  My big case have seen a lot of heavy use and is still in perfect working order.


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Ollie I have all of my camera traps in Pelican Boxes but I buy camping foam and line the inside, then I buy 50mm foam and layer the cameras so they dont rest on each other and then foam on top, it sems to work well and my cameras get driven thousands of km over bad roads.