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Software/Programme for counting objects in a photo

Hi everyone, I am running a timelapse camera which takes one photo every 10 minutes of a harbour landscape. I'll be running the camera for months to years and I'm looking for a method of analysing the photos quickly. What I want to know is-how many boats are in each photo? I expect that any solutions wont be entirely accurate and that I would need to do a control manual analysis of some of the photos, to get a measure of the accuracy/reliability. Is there a method for doing so in R or Matlab, or do you know any existing programmes that have such recognition features, maybe there is a software you can train to recognise boats once you do enough manual photos yourself? If you have any suggestions or pointers, it would be great to hear from you! Thanks

Hi Wilson, Similar product we are creating at https://aivi.in . We are focused on audio, image, vedio based intelligent and based out of Bangalore,India. Currently implementing this solution( Computer vision, IoT , Cloud , Intelligent) for one of santuary in India to detect poachers and animals

Attaching idea snap that we are implementing. Intellgence Dashboard provides all related details ( Count etc.)  This is just driven by IoT enabled camera and Mobile App for plug and play solution


idea.pdf inaction.pdf

hi Louise, I don't know if you are still looking, but we've just become second (5 digits behind the comma ;-) at the iWildcam2021 Kaggle competition. We're currently building a full-circle solution to:

  • identify objects, people and animals on images
  • determine whether they form a time sequence (several images in a row showing the same animal that passes by)
  • count the number of object/animals seen in that sequence
  • place classifications that do not pass a user-defined threshhold in a queue
  • provide an interface to manually classify these images
  • and pass back the results to a client. This could be an API, or our any of the analytical tools in out WITS platform

If you are interested in a call, you can reach me at [email protected],

Best regards!
Jan Kees