discussion / Camera Traps  / 20 July 2022

Snapshot Europe 2022 sign-up is open!


More info, the exact protocols & instructions to sign up here: https://app.wildlifeinsights.org/initiatives/2000166/Snapshot-Europe 

"Snapshot Europe is a coordinated and standardized camera trap effort to collect data on mammals across Europe. The initiative is supported by Euromammals and the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behaviour, in partnership with Snapshot USA.

  • Collaborators sample 10-50 sites during September-October of each year for at least 3 weeks per site and 400 camera trap-days across all sites. 
  • The study is designed to sample sites in all countries stratified across habitat types and development zones (suburban/rural/wild/urban). 
  • The data will be made available through a large collaborative publication; collaborators have priority access to use the data to address their own research questions."

Sign-up by September 30, 2022!