discussion / Biologging  / 5 August 2022

SnapperGPS device giveaway

Hi all,

There's a rare opportunity to acquire free (only postage and packaging is payable) GPS biologging hardware to trial the new SnapperGPS board developed by two PhD students at Oxford Uni.

The SnapperGPS receiver is an open source, small, low-cost, and low-power GNSS receiver for non-real-time wildlife tracking. It employs snapshot GNSS technology, which offloads the computational expensive data processing to the cloud to remove position decoding on device and thus save battery life.

I worked with them in Cape Verde to trial it with loggerhead sea turtles and it's impressive in terms of longevity, battery life and size compared to traditional GPS / assisted.

Take a look at the sign up form if you're interested in getting a device (100 available max).