SMART Hackathon, 28th November in Las Vegas

Hi everyone, 

WCS and the SMART Partnership are holding a hackathon next week with the aim of improving SMART (Spatial Monitoring and Reporting Tool), one of the key tools conservationists have available to help them manage protected areas. The hackathon’s goal: improve reaction time of frontline rangers in fighting poaching, by bringing cutting edge technology to the management of protected areas. The challenge will be held at’s AWS ReInvent Conference in Las Vegas on Monday, November 28th.

There were some fantastic solutions developed for SMART by teams at the Zoohackathon last month, so it'll be great to see what new ideas teams can come up with at this hackathon.

Find out more about the hackathon here. If you are interested in using SMART, or want to learn about how to contribute to SMART, please contact [email protected] or sound out below.