discussion / Community Base  / 13 July 2020

Share your funniest field fails with us!

Hi Wildlabbers,

We've got a fun challenge for you this week - we're looking for the funniest field fails from our community!

Did a bear chew on your gear? Did an elephant stomp on your camera trap, or did rodents repurpose the casing as a cozy home? Did you catch the world's blurriest picture of a super-endangered species, or did your research subject somehow lose their tracking collar in a river? Or, most tragic of all, did you hike out to your site only to realize you'd forgotten batteries?

Whatever your field fails, let's have a laugh over it together! Consider this the cousin of the #tech4wildlife challenge - same spirit, but maybe a bit more comical. 

We'll be sharing some of our favorite submissions this Thursday at the Tech Tutor Happy Hour event, so get your entries in now!

Excited to see your posts-