discussion / Sensors  / 20 June 2020

Seeking research projects related to monitoring wildlife behavior


Hi all, my name is Ben Seleb and I'm an incoming robotics PhD student at Georgia Tech. I've been given the awesome opportunity to identify my own research topic, and I'm very interested in developing tech platforms to monitor/recognize wildlife behavior in the field. I've performed a number of informational interviews related to the topic, but I would love to hear some more ideas from the WildLabs community!

High biodiversity areas are my lab's greater priority, but I'm open to all environments and species. In addition to stationary sensor networks, I'm seriously considering novel methods of mobility that could offer additional coverage/advantages. 

I'm additionally very interested in open source, low-cost solutions, so any opportunity to implement those ideas into the project would be ideal! 

If you have any ideas, please let me know. I'd love to discuss. Thanks!