discussion / Climate Change  / 10 April 2024

Seeking Knowledge/Resources about Soil Monitoring

Hi everyone! I am currently gathering research for my undergraduate senior project, which I hope to address by through robotics and technology. I am writing here to see if there are people who have knowledge about soil monitoring and know more niche details about the relationship between soil and reforestation, key nutrients to analyze, and current soil monitoring methods. If people either have resources, literature that would be helpful, or would be willing to get in contact me that, that would be extremely helpful! 

I'm an engineer and product designer working on wildlife conservation technology.
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Hi Frida. 

We are currently doing soil monitoring for ecological restoration in Australia with an organization called Bush Heritage Australia. It's been ongoing for about four years and it's in collaboration with BHA and also Monash University's soil science department. There's more info about the project here: