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Searching for researchers working in Africa

Hi all,

I work for World Vision Australia on a project called "Scale Up FMNR" (Famer Managed Natural Regeneration). At its most simple level, FMNR is a practice that encourages farmers to retain and maintain trees on their properties. The (initial) focus of my work is in four countries (Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia).

There is currently very little published evidence on the benefits of FMNR to biodiversity. As such, I am keen to connect with researchers that may be using acoustic monitoring (or other remote monitoring devices) to measure changes in biodiversity across time. 

Does anyone know of researchers working with these technologies in East Africa (or elsewhere), that may be looking for field sites or potential collaborations? I would love to monitor changes in biodiversity across time at FMNR sites and paired non-treament (control) sites.

Thanks for your time.



Hi Andrew,

I'm a bat researcher in KENYA. I have skill in acoustics where I record bat echolocation calls to identify bat species and determine the activity patterns. I'm open to collaboration on a projects that is useful to monitor biodiversity. Below are my conto the details:

[email protected] 




Hi Andrew,

Rainforest Connection (RFCx) has projects in a couple different countries in that region, and also working with agroforestry systems to monitor biodiversity using acoustic monitoring! You can read more about that project (Kenya) here: https://rfcx.org/blog/monitoring-biodiversity-in-kenyan-agroforestry-parcels. We've also got a project working with small-scale cacao farmers in Colombia to monitor biodiversity in their cacao plots. For some background, RFCx is a non-profit focused using sound and AI to monitor biodiversity and detect threats, and we also manage the Arbimon acoustic analysis platform. 

I'd be happy to talk through ideas further if you'd like, feel free to reach out! [email protected] 

All the best,