discussion / Acoustic Monitoring  / 31 May 2022

Replacement acoustic membranes for Audiomoth case 


I am wondering if anyone knows where to get replacement acoustic films for the Audiomoth case (those little grey circle things - very scientific description, I know - that line up with where the mic is on the device). GroupGets is sold out last I checked. 

A lot of the membranes on my cases ripped this field season (16 out of 22) so I need to replace them. It seems like this is a fairly common problem people have, based on discussions in the Audiomoth support forums. I'd like to re-deploy but it's not clear when/where I can get replacements. And even so, I am currently in a remote area of Madagascar and I wouldn't be able to ship them in without someone I know actually couriering them in for me.

Therefore also curious if anyone has any DIY solutions they've tried, e.g., some kind of tape, plastic from a bag stretched over, etc.? I'd like to get these Audiomoths back out if there's a viable alternative to the actual acoustic membranes themselves. 

Thanks so much!   

Hi Carly.

I'm not sure what material is used for the Audiomoth membranes. In our work, we use ePTFE (aka Gore-Tex) membranes which are gas and sound permeable, but water resistant. We haven't tried them for bioacoustics though. We mainly use them to measure outdoor CO2 levels. I think we could spare a couple samples if you wanted to test them out. I wouldn't know how to get them to you in Madagascar though. Here's a shot of them.