discussion / Wildlife Crime  / 9 February 2017

Ranger Training Guidelines

Wildlife Crime group,

A set of Training Guidelines for Anti Poaching Field Rangers were launched today, which may be a valuable reference for WILDLABS members who focus on anti-poaching. The guidelines can be downloaded here, and a PDF is also attached.

According to a colleague from the WWF Network:

"The guidelines provide anti-poaching units with a resource to improve conditions and training on the front line. These guidelines are the result of a collaborative initiative from International Ranger Federation, Global Tiger Forum, PAMS Foundation, WWF, The Thin Green Line Foundation, United For Rangers (UFR), Southern African Wildlife College, International Anti-Poaching Foundation (IAPF), Conservation International, African Parks Network, TRAFFIC, Panthera, Wildlife Trust of India (WTI) and Global Wildlife Conservation (GWC). In addition to these organizations more than 70 enforcement experts from all over the world have contributed to the guidelines. 

The Training Guidelines for Field Rangers is the first of a series of guidelines to provide a standard for training field rangers. The guidelines cover the basics of operations and the tactics required for them to successfully carry out anti-poaching operations in the field. The guidelines will help park managers, conservation organisations, government departments and other relevant people in designing the training curriculum for anti-poaching rangers as per their needs. By following these high standards, it will help ensure that anti-poaching training manuals may adequately introduce the concepts and specifics of law enforcement, tracking, teamwork, conservation, first aid and court procedures to the field ranger."

- Rachel