discussion / Biologging  / 12 August 2021

Proximity detection in koalas

Hi Biologging People, 

I am new to WILDLABS and excited to be here!

I am researching the behavioural ecology of koalas in South Australia. I am trying to figure out if it is possible to use proximity detectors to monitor social interactions between koalas. The goal is to build a social interaction network among koalas in a given habitat area to understand social interactions between koalas relate to disease transmission and population genetic structure.

We already have GPS trackers which we are starting to deploy now for other aims, but the margin of error on the GPS locations is too large to be able to reliably say when two koalas are interacting. 

Does anyone know of an existing solution or have any suggestions for where we might start to look for information to develop our own proximity sensors?

Many thanks,