discussion / eDNA & Genomics  / 26 February 2018

Processing blood? Centrifuge troubleshooting

We have a centrifuge in house at Denali (Jorvet one; brown and cream) and we lack one that looks like this (blue and white one), which is the one we need. We are working with small capillary tubes like the one you see in the slot in the photo. Any one have any advice or experience on how we could rig our current centrifuge to fit our tubes? Any and all advice is much appreciated!


Do you want me to put you in touch with folks at my company who know the second hand lab supplies market extremely well and might be able to help you buy the right centrifuge second hand?

@ffyngau out of interest, what are you using the centrifuge for? Avian health research in Denali NP? @mattypie thanks so much for your offer to help connect with an affordable supplier.



Hi Emily, 

Rachel has some practical suggestions about rigging your current centrifuge up to fit the small tubes. What do you think - vIable? 

1) If you're measuring hematocrit, perhaps using flat-bottomed vials which do fit (less accurate though)
2) taping capillary tube in the tubes that fit (flat against bottom for clay retention)
3) try taping two support rods across the top to hold opposing capillary tubes

— Rachel Skubel (@rachelskubel) March 29, 2018