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Presenting at the IUCN Congress? Share your event details

We're developing a full schedule of all the conservation tech events at the Congress, to be released in the next few days. There are more than 60 tech sessions over the main four days of the congress, so there is going to be a lot of competition for attention. In one timeslot alone there are six concurrent tech sessions! 

So, if your session is one of those 60+ tech events, please let us know! We'd like to highlight all the fantastic projects WILDLABS.NET members are working on, so please share your event below so we can come along and hear about what you're doing. 

Hi Community!

The Wildlife Crime Tech Challenge crowdsourced global science and tech innovations to fight wildlife trafficking. Join Challenge Winners for live demos of their innovations at the IUCN Congress!

Pavillion Event, United States Pavillion, Sept 2, 3.30-4 pm, #WCC 12334: https://portals.iucn.org/congress/update/19595

In this session, select Prize Winners will showcase their game-changing innovations, including a mobile app to help spot sustainably-bred fish, an innovative solar-powered wildlife surveillance system, and a rewarding online reporting tool for wildlife crime whistleblowers. 

Pavillion Event, United States Pavillion, Sept 5, 3.30-4 pm, #WCC 12376: https://portals.iucn.org/congress/update/19584

In this session, select Prize Winners will showcase their game-changing innovations, including fake sea turtle eggs equipped with GPS trackers, a mobile game application to collect data in wildlife markets, an innovative satellite-based wildlife surveillance system, and a new digital invoicing and data analysis tool for port authorities. 

We hope to see you there and learn how we might join forces!

wildlife_crime_tech_challenge_winners_profiles_.pdf wildlife_crime_tech_challenge_winners_trifold.pdf

Please come by and join us for "MatchMaker: connecting citizen science to the IUCN Red List" (WCC_9743) from 11-1 on September 2 in 311-13.


"To effectively conserve species we must have a firm grasp on their ecology, both global and regional. Photographic mark-recapture studies are one popular method to assess populations. Data collection — especially in developing areas — can be tediously slow and expensive. The Wildbooks for manta rays and whale sharks, MantaMatcher.org and WhaleShark.org, are citizen science-based, open source, collaborative initiatives. They are working to open up traditionally specialist fields, making them more accessible and appealing to the public. This knowledge cafe will benefit both scientists conducting photographic mark-recapture studies and conservation planners in need of robust population data. Using the past experiences of the MantaMatcher.org and WhaleShark.org portals, we will discuss how global online databases, with citizen scientist contributors, can transform global research and conservation with the Wildbook open source platform (Wildbook.org). With public contributions, researchers can utilize global online platforms to capture vast amounts of data. Using citizen scientists in this way can also encourage increased engagement and interest in a species and their threats. Wildbooks can also encourage and facilitate scientific collaborations as researchers have the opportunity to compare or combine databases and ask larger regional or global questions."




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I will be participating in the panel Don't Call me a Conservationist: 

Don't Call Me A Conservationist

This session by increases knowledge of how conservation is being interpreted outside of the conservation sector. , and will be given real examples of new ways of communicating environmental messages. This will help them in evaluating the outreach of current and future projects they are involved in. Outputs will include; knowledge sharing, creative thinking, habit changing, facilitate conversations and connections, encourage new and provocative messaging. 




5 September 2016


11:00 - 13:00

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Tomasz Wiercioch


Hi all

We are running a session on IUCN's decision support tools (mostly databases) for addressing invasive alien species. Many of the tools have come about due to mandates from CBD, and in partnership with other organisations.

Species Conservation Pavilion

4 September 2016

19:30 - 21:30

Details can be seen here - https://portals.iucn.org/congress/session/12436

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