discussion / Biologging  / 2 March 2020

Open-Source Argos Developer's Kit / Tag


Hello Everyone, 

I hope that this is not a repost; however, I could not find anything from Alasdair. I apologize in advance if I just missed it. 

With the formalities out of the way, Arribada opened up their pre-ordering for the open-sourced Argos tag / developer's kit on their website <---link. So that I'm not just copy/pasting what is on the site, I urge you to go there and learn about the kit yourself, but I will say that they are quite inexpensive (£269.99) and as one marine biologist friend noted on Facebook, "This is exciting and could be a game-changer." Note: The ordering closes on March 15th (or 17th, slightly confused...so order now, ha ha). 

To be clear, this is not a CLS product. I am, however, extremely interested to see what the community can develop, and I will do my best to support everyone's adventurous goals! To that end, I am trying to gauge interest in organizing a workshop at the Bio-Logging conference later this year specifically about this topic. More on that here <---link


Anyways, I am sure Alasdair can answer any questions that you have from the technical side; I just wanted to make sure that you all were aware of what's happening : )