discussion / Camera Traps  / 6 February 2020

Old camera traps go cellular

Hi there,
did you see this new gadget: spypoint cell-link?
This may give our old camera traps a new life. What do you think about it?
Has anyone tried a prototype?

Greetings from Austria,

Hi @capreolus 

This is very interesting indeed. I don't believe it's out yet, but a number of us on Wildlabs have chatted about this concept before and I spent a number of days / hours playing with various methods to interface with an SD card without the third party camera knowing you are reading and access data.

We were able to show it was possible by multiplexing the SD data and switching the bus between reads / writes. however the real kicker was that you're dealing with different makes, models, enclosures, SD-card slots and cameras such as Reconyx used different SD writing methods than say Bushnell or Browning, so I'm interested to see just how many cameras this works with this.

There is also the added issue that to get access to the SD slot / card and retain a waterproof enclosure means changing the SD slot or physically getting inside the camera with a modification.

Very curious to learn more.

Dear all, any feedback from this product?

Not sure to properly understand this sentence: "wait for pictures to transmit, then disconnect and close the camera back up - it still requires that manual action."

The camera in the field won't send automatically the picture taken? Does its possible to ask for a picture from the smartphone app?

Tank you.