discussion / Sensors  / 26 April 2022

Nutrient sensors - affordable, user-friendly, effective - do they exist?


Hi all, at the Kelp Forest Foundation we are researching the ecosystem services of cultivated giant kelp in and around Kelp Blue's offshore farm in Namibia. We are creating baseline studies of biodiversity (fauna and flora) and geochemistry to be able to assess the impact of kelp forests once they have grown (they will be seeded in the next few months) . One of the most important things for us to measure is nutrient uptake of the kelp farm - to produce data for a kelp carbon model, to assess competition with phytoplankton as well as the filtering potential of the cultivated kelp.

I am finding it difficult to find the right sensors which are commercially available, affordable, user-friendly and don't need constant recalibration in a marine environment. I have been told the microfuid based sensors for continuous monitoring of nutrients could be the best. I would welcome any leads, ideas or help on this subject.

Samantha Deane

Managing Director, Kelp Forest Foundation, The Netherlands

[email protected]