North/Central/South America (western hemisphere) viewing party?

Hi all! 

Wondering if anyone else in the Western hemisphere time zones would want to set up a joint watch session for the course modules, office hours, etc.? I know some of us are in the US or South America and the modules happen live in the middle of the night for us.... We could set up a later time on those Tuesdays consistently or make a plan for each module. I figure it'll hold us all responsible for following along and will help to maintain the community feel! Please let me know if you're interested and your email, and I can get started on setting something up. 


All the best,


Hi Carly. 

It was a tough choice regarding office hours since everyone is so geographically dispersed. The videos will be on Youtube, but I'm okay to do an additional office hours session for people that have trouble making the original session. I'm good on mornings from 8 am but can also do post-midnight sessions. If there's a range of times, I can work my schedule to accomodate. Let me know what works :)