discussion / AI for Conservation  / 7 July 2021

NBM - A collaborative and open source project to monitor Nocturnal Bird Migration

Dear all, 

I wanted to present the NBM project.

NBM (for Nocturnal Bird Migration) is a collaborative and open source project that we started at the end of 2020 with BioPhonia (http://www.biophonia.fr) and Natural Solutions (https://www.natural-solutions.eu) in the context of the Hack4Nature (https://www.hackfornature.com) 

The objective is to help European (and more ?) birders to monitor nocturnal bird migration they record in their garden thanks to an AI. 

To do so, three axes are followed :

First, we gather more and more volunteer birders that annotate audio files on Audacity, experimenting a method given by the bioaccousticians' group. 

Second, a group of volunteer developers created a platform to store the files and structure a database. The platform is now on this V1.1.3 and enables birders to upload their audio files and annotations. The platform can be found here : https://nocturnal-bird-migration.com (and the open source Gitlab project here : https://gitlab.com/nbm.challenge/nbm-nocturnal-bird-migration).

Third, volunteer bioaccousticians started to explore AI to detect night flight calls and to classify species. This AI is now more and more accurate ! First results were presented few weeks ago and look like the attached image. In red the birder's annotation and in blue the AI one (with the probability). 

We think about releasing the AI as soon as we estimate it improves the audio processing for birders. This goal is hoped to be reached by the end of the year. Obviously, everyone interested can join the Discord discussion group (https://discord.gg/95SNguK3tP) and the project on GitLab ! 

Hi everyone! We were so delighted to have Adrien along to our June Variety Hour to share more about the Nocturnal Bird Migration project. If you missed it, you can catch up with the project here: 

Some useful links shared by Adrien and Louis in the chat: 

If you have any questions as you're catching up, drop them below and Adrien will pick them up :)