discussion / AI for Conservation  / 22 November 2022

MozFest 2023 call for proposals on Tech & Biodiversity

Hi all, one of the 8 MozFest 2023 spaces is 'Tech & Biodiversity', and the organisers seek input for an event on the intersection of tech, humans and biodiversity.  Who better to contribute their inspirations and innovations than the WildLabs community?!

The call is open through Dec 16th.  More information here, and see summary below: 


Tech & Biodiversity: Legado 2060

HELP WANTED! We’re writing a digital ecosystem telenovela (soap opera/K-drama/dizi/teleserye) and need your help to inspire, write, act, and direct the narrative of sustainable digital futures. Together at MozFest 2023, we will craft an epic story that saves our environment from destruction and writes the happily ever after love story between tech, humans, and biodiversity that we all long for.


How can the digital ecosystem be the answer to our sustainable and biodiverse legacy? It’s up to us to make the right choices now in order to avoid catastrophic consequences in the future.