discussion / Community Base  / 19 February 2019

Minor Error in Feb 2019 Community Digest

Hi Everyone,

If you've received your February Community Digest today, some of you might have had an error in the First Name info in the opening of your email, such that you might have received an email that looked like it was addressed to someone else’s first name.

We take our responsibility to protect your personal data very seriously, so I wanted to let you know what happened. This was a minor human error, where we managed to misalign some columns when updating our email list in mailchimp with your latest information. This meant our member name info and email address were out of sync, which resulted in you receiving an email that looked like it was written to another member. We have corrected our lists and will triple check to make sure this won’t happen in future uploads. We're sorry to everyone this mistake affected and hope it hasn't caused too much confusion. 

Reminder, you can update your email preferences at any time through your profile. Just go to your dashboard, click on the cogs underneath your profile photo and go to the 'Privacy' Tab. In this section, you have full control over the emails you receive. You can also use the unsubscribe link in the footer of any email you receive from us.