discussion / Acoustic Monitoring  / 10 August 2022

Looking for plant and animal eco-acoustics specialists in the Alps

Hi everyone,

I am posting a search again, because last time it was super helpful! My name is Maya and I am writing to you as an intern at 'Sounding Images', a Berlin-based production company https://www.berlin-producers.de/project/soundingimages/.
We are currently in the research process for the documentary film "Mountain Symphony". The film is a planned sonic journey from the valley, up the mountains to the peak of the Alps. In the film we want to meet people who open our ears and eyes and share with us their very personal approach to the sounds of the mountains. 
For our documentary we are now looking for people specialised in the eco-acoustics of plants, as well as animals, with projects in the Alps. 
In the area of plant eco acoustics we were inspired by Monica Gagliano, who did some ground-breaking work on plants' abilities to perceive acoustic vibrations. Anyone who might be working on similar research or sound-projects in the Alps, or knows of anyone who does, feel free to contact me via email.
Similarly, the eco acoustics of animals are of interest to our current research. In an academic context, this could, for example, be someone researching animal communication in connection with acoustic information. It could also be someone making very specific sound recordings of animals in the Alps.
Basically, if you have something interesting to tell about the plants and animals in the Alps (in connection to sound) and want to talk to us about it, feel free to reach out ! (I speak German, English and Italian).

Maya Auer: [email protected]
Sounding Images