discussion / Marine Conservation  / 27 October 2021

Looking for marine biologists - Bioacoustic data processing made easier!

Are you a Marine biologist? Deep Voice has exciting news for you!
We are looking for 5-10 Marine bio-acoustics researchers to enjoy an extraordinary opportunity.
Deep Voice has developed an easy-to-use product that automatically detects Cetacean calls and differentiates them from background noise.

Our product aims to automate the data annotation process, hence saving valuable research time. This will enable you to conduct your research more effectively, focusing on data analysis.

The crown jewel- a Deep Voice engineer will accompany you personally in the process, guaranteeing that you will benefit from the product.

We would start with a friendly conversation, getting to know you better and understanding your research needs.

Both the service and product are suggested for free.

P.S: Complex acoustic environment recordings are welcomed, we will step up for the challenge

Are you interested in being part of our ambitious project?
You are welcome to reach out and ask questions in the comments below or via email: [email protected]

To get to know us better, visit our media:

Hi @evelina, Im not a biologist but I'd love to learn more about your product, also from a point of view of job opportunities or collaborations.

I worked earlier in sustainable development sector, and have an academic background in design + BSc sustainability studies + post-degree specialisation in innovation management. 

I'm working on a career change to get me work on both tech innovation and biology, with deep desire of outdoor activities, since I don't have a background in biology, I am studying machine learning and data science that were closest to the path..

I'd love to know more about hw you tackled the problem of separating background noise from foreground sound, and if you have dealt with decoulpling vocalisation.

Might you offer any part time job or benefit from a temporary collaboration, I'd be happy to learn about that.
Also interested in options of long-term collaborations (part-time) , so that I fund and invest time on biology courses, and at the same time be of help in working activities storngly related to the things I'd like to do.

Hi @carlybatist !
Thanks a lot for the recommendations!