discussion / Community Base  / 5 July 2019

Looking for field researchers and conservationists to interview about conservation roadblocks.

Hi all,

I'm a physics grad, python developer, and aspiring eco-entrepreneur looking for wildlife biologists to interview about their particular roadblocks to effective conservation. While I'm also cold emailing folks, I figure this would be a good place to start. I'd love to speak with you if:

  • You're a field researcher or park manager and are unhappy about the data you have
  • You wish the data you work with was less clunky and more accesible 
  • You need data analysis but can't hire analysts due to budget constraints
  • Your technology is unreliable and you're looking for stable solutions
  • You have any other frustrations that are preventing you from doing your job or research efficiently, even if technology is not the answer.

My broad interest is biodiversity conservation with focuses on wildlife monitoring and deforestation. To be transparent, this is market research (that I'm doing for myself). I'm looking to identify specific issues that are getting in the way of conservation and can also be addressed from a business point of view.

If you have any interest in having a conversation please let me know. Also, feel free to share any ideas here openly. In the spirit of open source, if we speak and you wish for me to share insights from the interview, I will do so by summarizing and creating a post here on WildLabs.