Looking for Electronic Design Consultancy in California


We are looking for an affordable electronic design consultancy with experience in outdoor IoT that could help us to improve our design and create a fabricated board for a datalogger that we have designed and tested using eval boards. Requirements would be some modularity for different radios and sensors. Do you have leads for good partners who could do this professionally and relatively quickly? We are looking at 50 to 100 units. Yes, we are talking to Freaklabs already and it would be great if we could work together.

Thank you very much for any lead, especially if you worked with a company already.




You can try Frank G.. He's a fantastically innovative engineer who founded and rubs the Maker's Space at Barstow College in Barstow, Calif. Frank is very familiar with complexities, needs, and budgets of field-based conservation. His email address is: [email protected].