discussion / Sensors  / 24 May 2023

Lion collars LoRaWan

Hello everyone,

we are looking for suitable lion collars for a project in Kenya. (20 collars)

Vertex (Vectronics) was used before, but they can't ship to Kenya nor have LoRaWan integrated.

We looked at OpenCollar, but the collars produced by SmartParks seemed not robust enough. 


I really appreciate any help you can provide.

Hi Stephan!

I have no experience with this company but have you considered Africa Wildlife Tracking:

Why can you not ship Vectronic Vertex to Kenya?

Hi @BLCKiot 

I can't offer much advice sorry, but it made me think of the Moovement ear tags: 

This device also looks interesting (although it's on backorder), but could be cheap and small enough to incorporate into your own robust collar: 


Anyhow, sorry I am not much help, but I'd be keen to hear how you get on. 

All the best,


Hi Stephan,

Good to know you have considered the OpenCollar trackers. It is true that currently we do not provide the CollarEdge for new deployments on lion. We have found that some top units of the CollarEdge can get damaged when lion are mating. The male lion bites in the neck of the female and thereby damages the top unit enclosure. However, the CollarEdge units that are on Lion, that have not been bitten perform really well. We are now in the process of iterating towards a new design that makes the CollarEdge more robust and at the same time we are working on adding VHF, Iridium and P2P LoRa. We aim to have the first units ready by the end of this year.

Follow progress via our website and wiki: 


 or send me an email.