discussion / Community Base  / 29 July 2021

Journal Club tomorrow (July 30, 10:30am EST) - review paper discussion


Steph, Ellie & I were thinking it might be cool to just focus on 1 paper this week for journal club, that paper being the hot-off-the-press review article "A comprehensive overview of technologies for species and habitat monitoring and conservation" by José Lahoz-Monfort & Michael McGrath. It's fairly long (25 pages), but broke nup nicely into different sections such as sensors, computation, biologging, etc. We thought it might be nice to split it up and tackle it together! So far we've got presenters for 'Sensors' and 'Fixed & Portable Devices'. Comment here if you're interested in taking a deep-dive into any of the other sections!


As always, passive listeners are more than welcome! Hope to see some new and familiar faces tomorrow! Also comment if you need the link to join. Thanks!

All the best,