discussion / Citizen Science  / 13 May 2020

Invitation to join the FIT community on WildLabs

Hi Citizen Science Group,

My name is Zoe Jewell, I'm the co-founder of WildTrack. Our focus is on the non-invasive monitoring of endangered species, primarily using our footprint identification technique (FIT) although we're interested and engaged in all non-invasive approaches.

We have a strong interest in citizen science input for our work. Citizen scientists can help us by collecting footprint images using the Epicollect app, and also engaging in our work in many other ways.

Because we're new to WildLabs, they have just introduced our FIT community here.  

We'd love to have members of the citizen science group join our WildLabs community, FIT.

With kind regards,


Hi Zoe,

This looks really interesting! Is the initiative on social media at all? I would like to share it with the Australian Citizen Science Association membership. Also, is there involvement in Australia? If on twitter, feel free to connect with me via @JessieLOliver