discussion / AI for Conservation  / 24 November 2022

Interview for Technologies in Conservation

Dear Wildlabs community, 
my name is Nikolas and I am a Master's Student from Lisbon. Like many of you, I grew up with a great passion for the wildlife that we are surrounded by and am struggling to see it being hurt. This is why I decided in a kinda bold move to write my management thesis about technologies in wildlife conservation. Particularly, how innovators innovate on these technologies to get them to their goals. 

I say bold because it turns out that my supervisor is not really supporting me in this idea, and makes me feel like I should have decided on a more traditional management topic. It's also soo tricky to get relevant interview partners to learn what the innovation process is looking like. 

So now my last resort is this amazing community. Anyone of you who deploys and develops technologies for wildlife conservation (most optimally for animals in reserves) would be such a tremendous help if you could help me! It would either be if you could help me with a 15-minute interview where you allow me to interview you about how you develop your technologies or if you can direct me to someone that might be up for such an interview :) 

You can either reach me here, on [email protected] or always schedule a call with me here to learn more :) 

I am so much hoping to hear from you guys and also wanted to say that I so much appreciate your work! 

All the best 


My original background is in ecology and conservation, and am now in the elected leadership of the Gathering for Open Science Hardware which convenes researchers developing open source tech for science. I am not working on a specific piece of technology right now, but am happy to contribute some higher-level views for your interview if that helps.