discussion / Sensors  / 4 January 2016

Internet of Elephants


Hello to the group and congratulations on setting up this fantastic initiative (now I don't have to  :) )

As a quick introduction, my background is in IT and I spent 20 years as an IT consultant for Accenture.  I quit and this year started a new social enterprise called Internet of Elephants, devoted to bringing technology solutions to the wildlife conservations sector.  The first area we are working on concerns the use of animal data for gaming and education platforms.  Conservation organizations are sitting on a gold mine of data and have yet to realize the potential of that asset, both in terms of engaging a larger audience and generating revenue.  We'd love to talk to anyone else interested in this area - either as a beneficiary or a partner.  I live in Kenya but frequently travel to the US, Holland, and India.

Love the name. I am doing work around sensor networks for conservation. You have grown quite the team. I am also leavine the corporate IT world as a software engineer to start a conserve/agri tech start-up. I would like to keep it as a social enterprise as well.