Interest in an "IT for Ecologists" webinar/manual?

I've seen a few posts around Wildlabs but also on Twitter, the bioacoustics stackexchange, and a few other places asking for recommendations for things like hard drive models, sd card readers, capable computer hardware, things of that nature. I wonder if there'd be interest among the wildlabs community for either learning more about the computer hardware side of things, or for developing some educational resources to make available to the broader community who might find that information useful. I know I learned a lot by ending up as the unofficial IT guy at a previous job and the knowledge has served me well so I'd love to pay it forward and I know there are a bunch of other knowledgeable folks who might have similar knowledge. 

Agreed that this would be super useful! It definitely would have served me well in undergrad when I was trying out some AI camera trap image analysis and ended up having to build my own system from scrap pieces in a professor's gear closet, ha. Just some basic understanding of what would be required from a system for that kind of work would have saved me a lot of time and chaos. Some kind of guide or course that covers what to be thinking about depending on your data and goals would be awesome