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Innovate for Wildlife and People Challenge - Deadline February 24

The WWF Wildlife Practice is hosting an innovation challenge focused on increasing the long-term benefits of conservation efforts for local people.  Project submissions are due February 24, 2020, and the challenge is as follows:

'How can benefits for local people be increased, strengthened, diversified, and have longer-term economic viability to incentivise and reward wildlife conservation?’

You can find more information on the resources page here on WildLABS, or directly on Impactio where to Challenge is hosted, but please do let me know if you have any questions!

Impactio is designed to support the development of project ideas by bringing in the expertise of a global community of subject matter experts in different areas, so we are hoping the challenge can be a good opportunity for some of you to receive funds to further develop and test innovative ideas in the area of the challenge.  We are looking forward to your ideas!