discussion / Drones  / 3 August 2017

Infrared filters for drone cameras


I'm interested to know how people are going about acquiring infrared imagery from drones (e.g. to calculate NDVI). There are dedicated cameras out there, and also camera conversions are available. I've also heard of cheaper DIY alternatives. We have access to a multispectral camera but we also support a fleet of DJI Phantoms, Mavic Pros and Inspires which are flown by reserves staff and ecologists rather than technical experts. What are people's experiences / recommendations? We're particularly looking for low cost solutions but needless to say it has to be fairly robust also.


As far as I know I recomend the PublicLab filters:


Also their modified cameras for NDVI are quite cheap:


They have a big community ready to help.



Although not for NDVI but worth a mention for anyone looking at converting a camera into IR only. 

I have had sucess using a DIY filter made out of blank processed camera film from a disposable camera. So long as you can still find somewhere to process the film (or do it yourself) you just cut the processed film (negatives) and replace the digital cameras IR filter (placed over the cameras sensor). This will simply turn the camera into an IR camera only so won't fit your requirement for NDVI but thought that it is worth posting if others are looking at converting a camera or Go-Pro into an IR camera.