discussion / Climate Change  / 13 June 2023

Improving battery life in tech tools

Hi all,

As you hopefully know, we're continuing our discussion of sustainability issues here on WILDLABS to celebrate our Sustained Effort series and open up spaces for conversations sparked by the series.

Today I came across this story about how a GPS sleep feature has allowed Sofar to increase battery life by 25% in their monitoring buoys. Overall, this seems like a pretty simple change that made a big impact on battery sustainability for these particular tools. 

With that in mind, are there other tools that could benefit from simple changes like powering down certain features at certain times in the field? And what would be needed from tech developers in order to improve battery life in other tools as tech options evolve? Let's brainstorm! 

Here's another article I came across about tracking gear powered by animal movement, which would drastically reduce the need for batteries and increase the lifespan of biologging tools. Obviously an incredible innovation that ties into the discussions we've had in the Tracking Progress program about catapulting animal movement ecology tech forward, but also great to think about from a sustainability perspective!