Implementation of video surveillance to quantify the predation rate

Hello everyone,

First of all, thank you for all the information on your great website. My name is Julien Péters and I am a PhD student at the University of Liège (Belgium). For my research, I am interested in insects (carabids, ladybirds, ...) that come to eat aphids on predation maps. In order to identify these nocturnal species, I would like to film these cards. However, after reading several articles on camera models (e.g. PiScope, PICT, ...), I notice that the Raspberry processors are all out of stock.

Would you know of an affordable trap camera model available this year to make these kinds of measurements?

Many thanks for your answers.

Julien Péters


We are having this problem too and it might be worthy of its own thread! The lack of RaspberryPis is a big problem and we are currently looking into alternatives. We haven't found one yet, but if we do I will let you know. @Max_Sitt might have some suggested alternatives for his system?

Hi Julien,


we are working with the Luxonis OAK-1 which can run lightweight detection models (e.g. YOLOv5n/s) directly on-device. However you will still need a host, for outdoor deployment Raspberry Pi (e.g. Zero 2 W) is perfect. But for testing you could also use another Linux-based system as host device or just connect it to e.g. your notebook. You can find more info in the Luxonis Docs.


Regarding the Raspberry Pi availability, this blog post from Jeff Geerling probably sums up the current situation pretty well. I hope in Q1 2023 the situation will get better, but at the moment nobody really knows for sure.