discussion / Acoustics  / 6 March 2017

Imagery request

Hi All,

Does anyone have some acoustic monitoring imagery they would be willing to share? Imagery will be used for best practice guidelines and supporting website, and will be credited so please indicate who should receive credit.

Please send to [email protected].

Thanks much, Paul

What a good coincidence you're asking for images the week we're running our annual #Tech4Wildlife photo challenge, Paul! A few of the acoustic entries might be of use?

Hmm, seems the images are stripped out when I embed - how unfortunate! Something we need to improve, clearly - but in the meantime you'll need to click through to see their entries I'm afraid. 

@arik shared an awesome shot from Yellowstone using a Wildlife Acoustics commercial device - he might be willing to share it with you:

We track wild wolves in #Yellowstone National Park by recording their howls and triangulating their positions #tech4wildlife @WILDLABSNET pic.twitter.com/O81XuEZQCi

— Arik Kershenbaum (@arikkershenbaum) March 3, 2017


I use #bioacoustics and #cameratrapping to study how well marsh restoration does at creating bird habitat on barrier islands #tech4wildlife pic.twitter.com/wYcT2vABzi

— Paige A. Byerly (@paigebyerly) March 3, 2017


Recording lion roars using avian bioacoustic recording devices for my research of big cat vocal communication.#Tech4Wildlife @WILDLABSNET pic.twitter.com/qEPKvhCoQn

— Emma Checkley (@EmmaCheckley11) March 3, 2017

Analysing sonograms of lion roars using phonetics software, with a 4x4 for a desk, in the African bushveld. #Tech4Wildlife @WILDLABSNET pic.twitter.com/Qjtr7vpyh1

— Emma Checkley (@EmmaCheckley11) March 3, 2017