Image analysis with volunteers

Hello! I'm working with volunteers on a pilot project using camera traps and PAMs to monitor a mixed species waterbird colony on an Army Corps of Engineers constructed island. Devices are scheduled to capture an image or take a 5-min recording every hour from sunrise to sunset, or every hour for 24 hours (respectively). We ran our audio through BirdNet and have volunteers doing passive listening to randomly selected files AND are manually verifying "odd" (i.e. unlikely) IDs. This process has worked well on other projects we're using PAMs on. 

My question is associated with the camera trap images. The current plan is to upload all photos to a Shared Drive for cloud sharing. Volunteers will then just open the images on their computer, record data about species, estimated numbers, etc. then entering that data into a Google Form. However, I was recently introduced to Timelapse Image Analysis. For folks who have used this program - is this a feasible data management/processing option for use with volunteers? Is it a heavy lift to get off the ground, but better in the long-run? We will likely be expanding the number of cameras next year so I'm looking for data management and analysis, particularly with remote volunteer support, with large numbers of photos. **Note we are currently having volunteers only analyze photos on the randomly selected days/times that passive listening is happening, with the option for them to analyze more photos as time allows.

I have a little experience with Timelapse and would say it is definetely worth the invested time.

The developer Saul Greenberg has made a ton of documentation on its use and is also very approachable in person, if you have any issues.

I can only highly recommend it.