discussion / AI for Conservation  / 2 August 2022

Identify animal from Image

I am thankful to the members of Wildlabs net for giving us the right information to enable us to plan Bioacoustics solution implementation. It seems to be on track as of now.  

We are with another problem and looking for an already working and implemented solution. In the past, DOC (dept of conservation, New Zealand government) staff captured thousand/millions of images that are being processed manually or semi-manually in isolated pockets/teams. We are eagerly looking for a working and implemented ML/AI-based enterprise solution for our staff to identify the animals, especially cats, mice, stoats, and possums (from the images) to meet our target of predator-free NZ by 2050. We are open to collaborating, adopting, developing and investing in such a proven suitable solution. Will greatly appreciate your thoughts, ideas and leads to help us solve this enormous problem. Feel free to connect or email me [email protected]. Thank you so much.

Best Regards