discussion / Community Base  / 30 March 2023

ICCB: Are you going? Are you presenting? Share your tech related activities! 

Hi everyone, 

ICCB came up again in the Variety Hour aftershow chat yesterday, and I've also been getting lots of messages/questions about what our plans are for ICCB. So, here's a thread to discuss and coordinate what everyone's doing. 

Jump in and tell us: 

  1. Are you coming? 
  2. Are you organising or involved with a tech related *thing* there? Talks, workshops, socials - let us know!

To answer my own questions: 

1. Yes, @TaliaSpeaker and I will definitely be there at this stage, potentially more of our team. 

2. Yes! We are running a 2-day pre conference workshop (see the file i've attached), abstract:

Movement ecology presents a frontier in which fundamental science, conservation, and cutting-edge technology development are coalescing around major breakthroughs that could revolutionize our understanding of animal movement and the natural world. Building on the findings of a recent global horizon scan of movement ecology, this workshop will convene cross-sector stakeholders to connect, discuss identified priorities, and take concrete next steps to address funding needs and collaboration opportunities to advance the field. To facilitate this, workshop activities will include a combination of high-level discussions on sector-wide trends and developments, in-depth roundtables on emerging technical, analytical, and infrastructure needs, and group ideation sessions to kickstart collaborative projects. By joining this two-day, innovation-focused event, participants will have the opportunity to not only learn insights from the horizon scan and connect with other thought leaders in the space, but to form partnerships and take meaningful steps toward turning ambitious ideas into reality in an open and collaborative environment. This workshop and broader horizon scan project is supported by Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and led by WILDLABS—a global community and convener dedicated to open, accessible development and scaling of technology solutions for conservation impact (www.wildlabs.net).

We have also submitted a talk for the main conference, and we'll be organising dinners/lunches/happy hours throughout so we can meet and connect as many wildlabbers as possible! We're in talks with some other partners to co-host a bigger networking event, so stay tuned as that progresses. 


ICCB Workshop Proposal.pdf

Marconi and I will be there from Rainforest Connection (RFCx)! RFCx has a booth, so catch us in the exhibitor hall (teaser-there will be giveaways...) - we'll be the ones playing weird and cool animal sounds!

We also submitted 2 abstracts, one on using ecoacoustic monitoring to assess how species respond to climate change in Puerto Rico, and another on using ecoacoustic monitoring to assess effectiveness of restoration sites with maintaining biodiversity levels. 

Anddddd finally, we'll be giving a lunch-time workshop (just found our proposal was approved!) on using Arbimon to store, analyze, and interpret ecoacoustic data.

Let's have an ICCB conservation tech happy hour?? Super excited to participate in any/all conservation tech stuff happening!

I will be there! No booth or anything but I will bring along some FieldKits (both terrestrial and underwater). I would love to meet up for a conservation tech happy hour. I think that is a great idea!