discussion / Acoustics  / 9 May 2022

Hydromoth settings

Hi Everyone,
what is your #HydroMoth setup for freshwater ecoacoustic monitoring? What are your settings for underwater recording with your AudioMoth? 
I would love to dicuss your solutions.

Greetings from Austria,

Hi Robin,

Did you ever get any responses to your query?  Just recovered a hydromoth I was testing for MPA monitoring, but all the files have no audio on them.  Was curious what others were doing underwater.




I am interested in this.

I intend to apply Hydromoths for location of Platypus Ornithorhynchus anatinus in local creeks. Visual surveys have produced signifcant results. 

Any success with otters in Europe may be helpful.

I would be looking at producing bioacoustic algorithm identifiers.