discussion / Early Career  / 19 September 2023

How to kickstart a conservation tech career, when you lack a formal biology education?

Hello everyone!

My name is Jacobo and I am Sustainable Tech Master's graduate, and a conservation tech enthusiast! I am currently in the lookout for an exciting opportunity to kickstart my career within the wildlife conservation, technology development and biomimicry or nature-inspired design. I have spent some time researching and networking with all the relevant companies and actors I can find operating in this space, and thought I would open a discussion here to carry this onto the next step.

In the past I have worked predominantly with drones, in the space of wild fire monitoring and protection, but also wildlife monitoring. I have also done work in the IT space for environmental analysis and carbon calculations. It is my impression so far, that this industry can be tough to break into at first, especially if, like me, you don't have formal university-level biology or ecology educations. I wanted to open this thread to, on the one hand, seek advice from experienced peers on some tips that might be useful when looking to get into the conservation tech space. And on the other side, to spark a conversation on your thoughts on the current state of this industry, how wide-spread is it, and where do you think this space is heading towards in the future? 

Thank you for taking the time to read my message! I hope this will become an interesting and engaging discussion

Hi Jacobo,

I feel like I'm in a similar place as you are regarding getting into conservation tech. There's another post here on WILDLABS that you might find useful in case you haven't seen it already.



Sounds like you have plenty of the necessary skills. I work on the hardware side of things and have no biology background besides my intro university courses. 

There are tons of different angles into the space. Where are you based out of? Perhaps I could offer some suggestions.