discussion / East Africa Community  / 29 June 2022

How are you contributing to Regional or Local Sustainability?

The overriding objective of many economies in East Africa is to progress the nations with more efficient systems in the different sectors, to achieve sustainability. With innovation and the adoption of circular economy models, the conservation technology sector in East Africa is one of those making a significant contribution to sustainability.

As the field gradually grows and gains popularity, we should also equally factor in the sustainability challenges it brings with it. To address some of the pressing sustainability issues, there is a need to invest in specific conservation technology interest areas that should first be clearly identified and defined.

Using technology, Ol Pejeta Conservancy in Kenya is working to contribute to sustainability by ensuring adequate supply water to wildlife, humans and livestock. You can read about these efforts here on WILDLABS.

Empowering stakeholders to understand these sustainability concepts and the issues surrounding it, as well as practical measures to address these issues, is also a key factor to solving these challenges.

With this, we’d like to hear your take on Sustainability in East Africa:  How are you contributing to sustainability in the region?

What unique sustainability issues do you face in your region?

What are the barriers to sustainability in the region?

What areas of investments and capacity building are there to advance sustainability across the region?