discussion / Sensors  / 2 March 2016

Heat Maps

We have been playing with heat mapping incubators. Traditionally yo map an icubator by placing a therometer in different locations within the incubator. This is at best a slow and laborious. What we came up with was a matrix of sensors (90) that could map the whole incubator at the same time. We ended up using a Arduino for the reading of the sensors and a RaspberryPI to display the graphical information. The raw data is store in a text file but the real time is a colour map that has a selectable range. This allows the user to fine tune the information being displayed. There are lots of possible uses for this as the configuration can be altered to different sized grids. Again this is all open source.

Hi @AdamBloch 

I'd like to know more about your setup. I'm monitoring temperatures on a nature reserve using an array of 100 iButton Thermocron temperature sensors. I'm interested in what the benefits of using Arduino and Raspberry Pi might be. I need to collect my sensors in and read through a USB device. Then there's the interpolation and plotting of the data, and I'm particularly interested in how you are filtering and querying your data i.e. 'selectable [time?] range'.


Hi Thomas

We are mapping a very small area in real time. The data rate is controlled by the time it take to read all the DS18B20s. The logger I use in the Octogons is using about 90 sensors and refreshes about every 5 to 15 seconds. The data is store as a CSV in series of files.

Best thing to do is drop me a PM and your number.

Many thanks