discussion / Community Base  / 13 February 2019

Have your say - take the WILDLABS Community Survey 2019

Hi wildlabbers!

We've just launched our Community Survey for 2019 - if you have a moment, please give it a whirl! We want to hear about your experiences as a member of WILDLABS and how you want to see the community, platform and programs grow and change to better meet your needs. 

More broadly, this year we're using the second part of the survey to ask horizon scanning questions about the conservation tech ecosystem. We've asked these questions because we think there is a gap that this information could help fill - lots of surveys I see come past are focused on specific technologies like camera trapping, but we're missing a broad snapshot of the conservation technology ecosystem. We'll be sharing the results with you and I'm hoping this survey can provide an overview of the 'State of Conservation Technology', both this year and in subsquent years so we can also map how it changes over time. 

So if you have a moment, please take the survey and add your perspectives to the mix. And better yet, share it far and wide! If you have colleagues who are working with conservation tech, please encourage them to take it. With your help, we'll build the definitive dataset of conservation tech opinion.

Thank you!