discussion / Camera Traps  / 12 September 2018

Hardware Advice Needed: Cameras for seabird' nests

Hi everyone,

I am part of a project about seabird conservation in Cape Verde Islands. We need to monitor tropicbird, Cap Verde petrel and other seabird’ nests, in order to understand the predation pressure (made by rats, cats, or even humans). Therefore, we need to put cameras on the nests, but we need those to be with the following characteristics:

  • Small (4x4x4 cm approx.)
  • With movement detector
  • With infrared
  • Able to focus from close (10cm for example)
  • And the most important thing: with very high battery autonomy (if it is possible, these should be charged using USB, we do not have electricity as we work on remote islands) and with high image storage capacity

In anyone knows about cameras with these characteristics, please contact the people in charge of the project: Jacob [email protected] / Teresa [email protected] . Thank you very much for your help!