Gundi: The Universal Adaptor for Conservation Technologies

'Gundi, meaning “glue” in Swahili, is a technology platform that allows conservationists to seamlessly integrate any hardware with any conservation software. This free-to-use and open-source platform was developed by EarthRanger, Wildlife Protection Solutions (WPS), and the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) in a first-of-its-kind collaboration to equip conservationists with the best data they require to rapidly respond and improve conservation outcomes.'

There is a big team of longtime WILDLABS community members and partners working on this project. We've been hearing about this project being underway for a long time, so it's been great to have the gundi team at both our workshop at ICCB and then at the Variety Hour join in to share more about what they've been building. 

Check out Elsa's talk below to learn more about Gundi. If you have questions that Elsa doesn't answer, drop them in the chat below and the gundi team will pick them up. 

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