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Funding opportunities on Experiment

Hey All,

We recently funded a number of Conservation Tech projects on Experiment (more than $40k was raised by all the teams/projects).

And we've just announced two new Challenge Grants, one for Kelp and another for biosurveillance:



More details below. There are only a few entries so far, so the prize money will most certainly be applied to your projects. Bring us your ideas! And feel free to reach out with any questions.




Funding opportunity for biosurveillance research projects

Experiment.com just announced a $5k Challenge Grant for "Biosurveillance" projects: https://experiment.com/grants/biosurveillance

If you manage a project that could use some extra funding, especially if you've been hit hard by COVID setbacks, this could be a good opportunity. If you're curious about Experiment, you can read more about the process here: https://experiment.com/how-it-works

Or the Experiment Guide here: https://experiment.com/guide

Some stats that might be useful:

- Projects can take place anywhere, but the person/team must have a bank account in the US, Canada, or UK to receive funding. 

- Takes ~2 hours to fill out an Experiment project.

- Success rate is 46% (but we expect it to be higher given the $5k in funding to be distributed).

- Average amount raised by a project is $4,120


It's a proportional prize contest, meaning the $5k will be distributed amongst all the participating and eligible projects. You can read more about that on the site.