discussion / Acoustics  / 19 May 2023

Frontier Labs BAR-LT Localization Firmware

I am using the Frontier Labs BAR-LT recorders for acoustic localization for the first time. I noticed that the Frontier Labs guide to acoustic localization mentions the need to use a version of the firmware that is not included in the current public release of the firmware. I have two questions:

1. Is it true that the time synchronization-enabled firmware is not publicly available, or has this functionality already been added to the public firmware and Frontier Labs' guide hasn't been updated yet?

2. If anyone has a copy of this firmware, could you please send it to me? I emailed the folks at Frontier Labs but wanted to see if I could get it more quickly from here, as I'm hoping to deploy some recorders tomorrow!

Hi @tessa_rhinehart 

Apologies, only just saw this message. Did you end up getting the firmware. I know the Frontier Lab guys and can possibly reach out to them if you are still having trouble. Let me know.