discussion / Acoustics  / 15 November 2023

Flying with li-ion batteries

Hi everyone, quick question about travelling with acoustic monitoring kit:

Has anyone had experience flying international from the US with a load of 18650 Li-ion batteries? Any issues?

I'm planning on using ~100 of them in Wildlife Acoustics gear next spring in Peru, and trying to wrap my head around the rules. I think I should be ok as long as they're all packed well and in my hand luggage, but it would be pretty devastating to discover otherwise at the airport... They will of course weigh a ton, but that's less of a concern.

I will likely contact the airline (LATAM) but wanted to ask an altogether more helpful community first!



The 18650s should be packed in discrete holders to separate them and prevent them from shorting. I've taken up to 50 on a plane before. 100 might be a tall ask since most planes have limitations on total Amp Hours you can bring. 

These are the holders I use.

Good luck.