discussion / Biologging  / 9 April 2022

Firetail - visualization of tracks and sensor data

I have recently been closely cooperating with the develpopers of the Firetail software - a program to visualize tracking and sensor data for movement ecology - to get them to support acceleration data from our VECTRONIC Aerospace GPS collars.


It is simply amazing to be able to see and interactively explore tracking and continuous acceleration data at 8Hz over 1.5 years.

They also support acceleration data from a few other brands:


Firetail even has an option for non-supervised segmentation of the different acceleration signatures (corresponding to different behaviours).


You can get a test license to try it out yourselves:





hi hansen,so itis only limited to animal tracking only?would you kindly point to me way in which i can get clips for beginner?



Yes, Firetail is primarilly meant for visualisation of tracking and sensor data (from accelerometers, gyroscopes, magnetometers etc).

A good place to get an introduction to the possibilities is the company's youtube page:


Best regards,


Hi Lars,

thanks a lot for the recommendation and this great use case!

Our team at Firetail is very enthusiastic about pushing the boundaries for the visualization and annotation of large datasets and it is great to see our work towards a Vectronic acceleration workflow was successul.

If there are researchers on wildlabs that are interested in the process, we should compile a short step-by-step tutorial. This would help to get started with Vectronic acc visuals/annotation.

In general: Firetail is not limited to specific tags vendors. We aim to support a complete set of GPS/Acceleration/Sensor data... if you experience problems with your data sets, don't hesitate to contact us!